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Henry Ho-Hsien Chen

  • Current Position:Dean, College of Agriculture, NPUST
  • Office:Tropical Agricultural Building, NPUST
  • TEL:+886-8-7740205 / M:+886-933310836
  • Email: hhchen@mail.npust.edu.tw


  • Ph.D., 1996, Department of Automatic Control and System Engineering, The University of Sheffield, UK
  • M.S., 1992, Department of Automatic Control and System Engineering, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
  • B.S., 1991, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Central University, Chung-Li, Taiwan
  • Diploma, 1986, Department of Agricultural Machinery, National Pingtung Institute of Agriculture, Pingtung, Taiwan.

Administration / Professional Experiences / Academic/Industry Achievements

  • 2016/1–2020/1, Counselor & Director for Science and Technology, Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India (de facto Taiwanese Embassy)
  • 2014/2–2016/1, Dean, International College, National Pingtung University of Science & Technology
  • 2008/8–2014/7, Dean, Office of International Affairs, NPUST
  • 2009/8–2011/2, Director, Chinese Language Center, NPUST
  • 2006/8–2009/7, Head, Graduate Institute of Hakka Culture Industry, cum,  Director, Hakka Cultural Research Center, NPUST
  • 2005–present, Professor, Department of Food Science, NPUST
  • 1996-2005, Associate Professor, Department of Food Science, NPUST
  • 2004-2005, Director, Center of Instruments, NPUST
  • 2003-2005, Division Head, Research division, Office of Research and Development, NPUST
  • 2004-present, Chartered Engineer, Eng. Council, UK, Reg. No. 448810
  • 1996-present, Thesis External Examiner / Consultant / Committee Member for public and private sectors
  • Visiting Scholar, Wageningen, University, The Netherlands, 2000/6-2000/8
  • 42 International peer review papers published
  • 60 Conference papers and reports published
  • 24 Patents (Taiwan, USA, China); 10 Technology Transfer to industry
  • Awards on Distinguished Teaching / Best Papers / Innovation Excellent Research / International Invention Exhibition (Gold, Bronze Medals)
  • External Reviewer of the Learned Journals; The International Committee Member of Learned International Conferences; External Examiners of the Esteemed Universities.